Why this project?

HEIDA is a 2 year project led by Koç University (Türkiye) in collaboration with Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain) and International School for Social and Business Studies(Slovenia)

The project responds to two specific needs:

– the need for a data collection and sharing tool or platform for the internationalisation activities of higher education institutions and, secondly,

– the need to bridge the gap in communication and joint work that often exists between HEI faculty, staff, senior management and students in internationalisation efforts and activities.

The new tool and the stakeholder involvement process will promote the development of a more complete institutional understanding of the international dimensions and engagement of universities across Europe.

How we will do this?

The project consists of three phases:

  • First phase – DESIGN: a data tool/platform system for internationalisation of HEIs and a training module in consultation with project partners and other local and national stakeholders.
  • Second phase – TESTING: feasibility of the tool/platform system on a sample of HEIs in Europe
  • Third phase- DISSEMINATION: promote the review of the results of of the tool/platform system and the training module amongst HEIs and other stakeholders.

What we expect to achieve?

  • increased awareness of the value of data and data sharing for the development and implementation of internationalization strategies in HEIs
  • increased partnership and collaborative working between administrative and academic units at each partner organisation
  • increased capacity of relevant staff in data collection, analysis and sharing

Who should follow this project?

  • Senior Managers at European HEIs (Presidents/Rectors/Vice Presidents or Vice-Provosts), Directors of Administrative Units
  • Senior Faculty with international research, teaching and cooperation coordination responsibilities
  • Office of International Activities/Relations staff
  • International Higher Education research organisations, associations and networks
  • Businesses with expertise and interest in data management services for education institution

Project Team

Project Coordinator:

  • Melissa Abache, Global Engagement Coordinator, Koç University
  • Adil Atilgan, Software Development Management, Koç University
  • Nilüfer Akpınar, Coordinator International Special Projects, Koç University
  • Meline Koruk
  • Meltem Işanlar, Grants Financial Manager, Koç University
  • Çağan Üçtuğ, Global Recruitment Team, Koç University

Project Partners:

  • Marta Vilalta, Director, International Relations Office, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB)
  • Xavier Barnes, Projects, International Relations Office, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB)
  • Dr. Georgeta Ion, Senior expert, EDO group (The Organizational Development Group ), Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB)
  • Dr. Nada Trunk, Advisor to Dean, International School for Social and Business Studies (ISSBS)
  • Dr. Valentina Jost Leser, Researcher, International School for Social and Business Studies (ISSBS)
  • Aleš Trunk, M.Sc., Young Researcher, International School for Social and Business Studies (ISSBS)
  • Marko Smrkolj, International Relation and Project Office, International School for Social and Business Studies (ISSBS)

Expert Panel

The project’s Expert Panel contributes feedback either virtually or during selected project meetings on: qualitative and quantitative analysis, tool design, reports, final project evaluation: visualization tool, data sharing tool proposal, training module

Dr. Joaquín Gairín, Director, EDO – The Organizational Development Group, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Professor of Didactics and of Didactics and Educational Management, with a broad know-how on  social and educational development, organisational development, educational change processes, leadership, evaluation of programmes and institutions, ICT in training and impact evaluation.

Dr. Valerij Dermol, Assistant Professor and Associate Dean, International School for Social and Business Studies, Celje, Slovenia.

  • Economics, business training and consulting, marketing and communications, research topics related to learning in enterprises.

Advisory Board

The project’s Advisory Board is responsible for monitoring delivery of project activities and achievement of results and advising on corrective measures if needed.

Dr. Andrej Koren, Associate Professor, International School for Social and Business Studies, Celje, Slovenia.

Dr. Bilgen Bilgin, Dean of Students, Koç University, Istanbul, Türkiye.
Prof. Lluís Quintana Trías, Vice-rector for International Relations, Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona.